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Super Dangerous Dungeons now out on App Store!

2015-11-18 12:54:24 by AdventureIslands

Super Dangerous Dungeons now out on App Store!

Download now from the App Store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1006111149

Hop into a challenging platforming adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy! Run and jump your way through trap and puzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are full of spikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what it takes to conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendary treasure?

- 48 challenging levels, including bosses and secret stages!
- Stylish and retro pixel art graphics!
- SNES inspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby!
- Time Trial mode and leaderboards for fastest completion times!
- 19 Achievements to prove your dungeon mastery!


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2015-11-18 13:16:52

cant w9 to try it out m9 :D


2015-11-18 15:30:16

cool. that squid looks familiar.


2015-11-30 17:37:34

Are there no items like with Tiny Dangerous Dungeons?

AdventureIslands responds:

It's a remake of this game http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/583201 so no, it's not a metroidvania and there won't be item upgrades. Maybe next DD game will be a metroidvania again.


2016-01-27 00:06:19

I always tend to forget that non-mobile games can go on the app markets. I'm curious if you know how well non-mobile games do on these markets? I don't even mean financially - say the game is free - but how many people actually download non-mobile games from these market places? I know I could do my own research to this question, and I will, but I thought I would ask you since you already have a game on both the iOS and Android markets.


2016-02-28 18:42:09

Downloaded this, and it's pretty neat! It took me a while to beat, and I didn't even attempt the time trial D:


2017-06-05 13:50:18