Duke Dashington! Now out in App Store!

2014-09-04 15:24:04 by AdventureIslands

Duke Dashington now available on App Store!

Hey folks! I have released my very first commercial mobile game!
Get it from App Store
Get it from Google Play

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F75ofAb04ek

Duke Dashington is a bumbling adventurer and explorer who has a bad tendency to cause the ancient ruins he is exploring to collapse, before he has even set his foot in! Fortunately, Duke is very fast on his feet, and he is determined to get the treasures inside before the ceiling collapses! Dash your way through dozens of deadly traps and puzzles, but be wary: You have only 10 seconds to reach the exit of each room, and Duke can't stop moving without hitting something first! Do you have what it takes to be the fastest treasure hunter in the world?

Game features:
- Fast-paced puzzle platforming!
- Simple touch controls! Swipe your finger on the screen to to make Duke dash!
- 4 vastly different temples to explore!
- Over 100 rooms of deadly traps and mind-boggling puzzles!



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2014-09-04 16:20:10

Good stuff! I'm on level 26 so far and it's getting tricky. I've always loved games with this wall dash mechanic and you've done a lot of new stuff with it which is awesome. This was all done with Stencyl, right? It runs well!

AdventureIslands responds:

Yup, all my games have been made with Stencyl. This was originally my entry for Ludum Dare 27 with theme 10 Seconds, but I've been slowly adding more levels and polish since. Now it's finally ready.


2014-09-04 19:29:45

Is there going to be an Android version by any chance?
Nice pixel art btw.

AdventureIslands responds:

Android version is in works!


2014-09-14 02:38:05

Loved your Steam Rouge GB game dude. Congrats on making it in the top 10 games of August :)

I've only been learning to program since the start of the year and have been making my own art assets in Flash - can't draw worth a damn though haha Was curious how you go about creating your pixel art?


2015-01-11 17:49:11

Congratz for being featured on the front page, you definitely deserve it :D
I already thought I was a fan of yours, but apparently not. Error fixed ;)