Get SwapQuest! Now out on the App Store!

2015-03-21 07:02:31 by AdventureIslands

SwapQuest now out on the App Store!

Get it now from the App Store:

SwapQuest is a collab project of mine and Rebusmind, it's a puzzle rpg where you pick a hero, and build a road for them to walk on by swapping tiles. You need to outrun the evil demon cloud Horde, all while battling monsters, collecting treasures, and completing quests. You can play as 5 different classes, each with their own skills, equipment and weapons to buy and upgrade.

Check out the release trailer:



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2015-03-21 10:30:36

Didn't found it on the App Store.... :(


2015-03-21 10:32:08

Please ignore my other comment...


2015-03-21 16:13:14

Will you be porting this game to newgrounds?


2015-03-21 17:34:30

looks great :)