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Super Dangerous Dungeons now out on App Store!

2015-11-18 12:54:24 by AdventureIslands

Super Dangerous Dungeons now out on App Store!

Download now from the App Store! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1006111149

Hop into a challenging platforming adventure with the little treasure hunter Timmy! Run and jump your way through trap and puzzle filled corridors, but watch out: the rooms are full of spikes, pits, and other deadly dangers. Do you have what it takes to conquer the dangerous dungeons and reach the legendary treasure?

- 48 challenging levels, including bosses and secret stages!
- Stylish and retro pixel art graphics!
- SNES inspired retro soundtrack by KungFuFurby!
- Time Trial mode and leaderboards for fastest completion times!
- 19 Achievements to prove your dungeon mastery!


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2015-11-18 13:16:52

cant w9 to try it out m9 :D


2015-11-18 15:30:16

cool. that squid looks familiar.


2015-11-30 17:37:34

Are there no items like with Tiny Dangerous Dungeons?

AdventureIslands responds:

It's a remake of this game http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/583201 so no, it's not a metroidvania and there won't be item upgrades. Maybe next DD game will be a metroidvania again.


2016-01-27 00:06:19

I always tend to forget that non-mobile games can go on the app markets. I'm curious if you know how well non-mobile games do on these markets? I don't even mean financially - say the game is free - but how many people actually download non-mobile games from these market places? I know I could do my own research to this question, and I will, but I thought I would ask you since you already have a game on both the iOS and Android markets.


2016-02-28 18:42:09

Downloaded this, and it's pretty neat! It took me a while to beat, and I didn't even attempt the time trial D:


2017-06-05 13:50:18



2017-09-19 17:40:30

I'll leave this comment for you here since unfortunately you have never responded to any of my PMs. All of your games lack a major feature: re-checking and re-sending medals. I am unable to count how many times I had to reset the whole game just to make another attempt to unlock another medal-which was many times failing again. Replaying the levels, meeting the conditions again never works either. It is really frustrating and makes the player like your game less because of that issue. So I advice you to consider adding such a feature to your all past and future games to show some sympathy to the medal hunters.